Tuesday, May 22, 2018

dirty sock worship

Big Cock Buddy Fucked My Wife While I Was Locked Out of My House

My Wife Pretended to Be My Buddy’s Girl, But It Went Too Far

Locked out my house. My wife and my friend can't hear me with all the noise they're making in my bedroom. Why does the headboard keep slamming against the wall?
New Bride Fucked My Best Friend's Little Brother on My Honeymoon

Cuckolded by My Best Friend’s Little Brother on my Honeymoon

My best friend's little brother hijacked my bachelor party, joined the mile high club with my new bride, and slept with her in our honeymoon bed in front of me.
Big Cock Bully Stole Your Girl

Nerdy Tag-Along Friend Stole Your Girl and Became Your Bully

My wife pretended to be my nerdy tag-along friend's girlfriend to make him more popular. She decided to "pretend" to fuck him after discovering his big dick.
Big Cock Bullies Gagged My Mouth With Smelly Socks While Playing Video Games

Andrew and Rob: How a Beta Became an Alpha With a Dirty Sock

My buddy's kid brother gagged my mouth with his dirty sock in front of my best friend and my hot wife. Later, they walked in a humiliating masturbation session.
Worshiping Smelly Feet of Cocky Young Intern and His Wigger Friend

Cocky Intern, His Young Wigger Friend, and Their Dirty Socks

Cocky young intern made me wash his dirty sweatsocks by hand. His arrogant wigger friend made me inhale the stink of his smelly sneakers, then fingered my girl.
Big Cock Bullies Cuckolded and Pissed on Me

Pissed on and Cuckolded by the Big Cock Bullies

I spied on the big cock bullies as they fucked a girl who looked just like my wife. Afterward, the alpha males walked over to where I hid and pissed on my face.
Alpha Male Arab Created an Army of Cashfags

How Arab Cashmaster SlavesSeeker’s Used Socks Made Him Rich

Middle-eastern cashmaster SlavesSeeker's loyal following of inferior beta male cashfags buy the alpha male gifts to sniff his Arab feet and dirty sweat socks.
Fraternity Hazing - Forced to Suck Alpha Male Dick

Sock Sniffer Sucks Big Dick or Gets Kicked Out of Fraternity

When my roommate caught me sniffing his dirty socks and underwear, my frat bros didn't kick me out of the fraternity. Instead, they turned me into a frat-fag.
Gym Bully Made Me Sniff His Sweaty Armpit

Gym Bully Gives Me a Wedgie, Forces Me to Sniff His Armpit

My hot wife got wet watching the bully at my gym smother my face in his sweaty armpit. The alpha male made me wipe equipment for him before giving me a wedgie.
Cuckolded and Humiliated by Best Friend's Feet

Best Friend’s Little Brother Hypnotized Me With His Big Feet

My best friend's little brother cuddled up with my girlfriend, resting his athletic legs on my shoulders. The dirty sweatsocks on his smelly feet hypnotized me.
Big Cock Bullies Made Me Sniff Their Dirty Feet

You Can’t Join the Alpha Males Unless You Kiss Their Feet

The Big Cock Bullies allowed me to tag-along with them if I sniffed their dirty socks and licked their sweaty feet. I complied after they pissed on me, too.

Jock Domination Before He Fucks Your Girl at Superbowl Party

Sometimes losing your girlfriend to a jock who bullies you IS the happy ending. So what if you have to worship the meathead's dirty feet or take a piss swirly?
Homeless Friend Corrupts Couple With His Big Dick

Homeless Alpha Male Uses His Big Dick to Corrupt a Couple

When my down-on-his-luck friend moved in with my hot wife and I, I didn't expect the alpha male to fuck my wife with his big dick, or turn me into his slave.
School Bully Wigger Fucks My Wife and Makes Me a Cuckold

Wigger Who Bullied Me in School Cuckolded Me as an Adult

Kyle used to be my school bully. It felt natural to be subservient to him, and I enjoyed worshiping him. I couldn't wait to introduce the alpha male to my wife.
Arab Intern Makes Cuckold Footfag Out of Alpha Male

Arabs Made Me Worship Their Big Feet and Spit-Roast My Wife

My wife's young Arabic intern allowed me to move back in with my wife after I worshiped his big, smelly feet. Then he and his cocky friends tag-teamed my girl.
Arab Cashmaster Cuckolded Me With His College Friends

My Wife’s Young Arab Intern Turned Me Into a Cuckold Footfag

My wife's young middle-eastern intern moved in with us and became the man of the house. The cocky Arab made me kiss his feet and cuckolded me with his big dick.
Alpha Male Kicked Me Out of My Own House

Andrew and Rob: Rise of the Big Cock Bullies 8 – Epilogue

I inadvertently help my nerdy friend fuck my wife and become the man of the house, phasing myself out of both their lives in the process. An alpha male is born.
Pissed On and Beated Up by Andrew and Rob

Andrew and Rob: Rise of the Big Cock Bullies 6 – NYE Party

My nerdy friend spent New Year's Eve with my wife in a hotel room I reserved and paid for. Before sending me home, he stuffed his dirty sweat sock in my mouth.
My Alpha Male Buddies Pissed on Me While Laughing

Andrew and Rob: Rise of the Big Cock Bullies 5 – Theater BJ

The Big Cock Bullies sat behind me in a movie theater with their feet up on my shoulders. I listened to my wife Andrew a blowjob before cumming in my popcorn.
Andrew and Rob Cuckolded Me With Hotwife

Andrew and Rob: Rise of the Big Cock Bullies 4 – Alpha Fuck

My friends help my nerdy friend fuck my wife, turning me into a cuckold. I continue to devolve into a beta male wimp, while he becomes an alpha male stud.
Beta Male Cuckolds Alpha Male Husband

Andrew and Rob: Rise of the Big Cock Bullies 3 – Mr Big Dick

My wife pretended to be my nerdy friend's girlfriend at a party. Everyone was talking about what a cute couple they made, including my own friends.
Nerdy Friend Became an Alpha Male by Cuckolding Best Friend

Andrew and Rob: Rise of the Big Cock Bullies 2 – Dirty Socks

Andrew and Rob didn't get along at first. Their mutual love of humiliating me united the two alpha males. Even though they bullied me, I loved the attention.
Alpha Male Cuckolded Beta Male With Hot Wife

Andrew and Rob: Rise of the Big Cock Bullies 1 – The Cuckold

After watching my nerdy friend manhandle me in a fight, my hot wife began flirting with him in front of me. Loving the attention, my buddy began to cuckold me.
Jock Bully Made Me Sniff His Sweatsocks in Front of My Wife

Cocky College Jock Made Me Suck the Sweat Off His Big Feet

College football jock made me suck the sweat out of his white socks with them still on his feet. The meathead bully made me kiss each foot in front of my girl.
Bully Stole My Girlfriend By Pissing on Me

He Stole My Girlfriend By Making Me Taste His Feet and Piss

To steal my girlfriend away, all the meathead bully had to do was piss on me. He made me kiss, lick, and sniff his sweaty feet in front of her just for fun.
College Jock Made Me Frathouse Slave After I Worshiped His Feet

I Become a Frat House Slave After Sniffing Dirty Jock Socks

My girlfriend caught me jerking off while sniffing some meathead's dirty sweatsocks. The college jock found out and turned me into an obedient frat house slave.