Tuesday, May 22, 2018

piss humiliation

I Got Pissed On By My Son’s Bully Before He Fucked My Wife

My son's bully cuckolded me with my young hot wife, slapped my son around, threw a keg party at my house, and took a piss on me in front of all his friends.
Alpha Males Pissed on My Face Before Fucking My Girlfriend

Beta Male Becomes an Alpha By Pissing on Me, Fucking My Girl

My alpha male buddy, Rob, mentored my beta male friend, Andrew, who demonstrated his newfound superiority by pissing on me before fucking my girlfriend.
White Thug Bully Fucked My Girlfriend After I Kissed His Feet

Wigger Bully Pisses on Cuckold Before Fucking His Hot Wife

The neighborhood wigger fucked my hot wife in my bed. Then the young white thug made me suck the sweat off his big feet. Lastly, the bully pissed on my face.
Bully Stole My Girlfriend By Pissing on Me

He Stole My Girlfriend By Making Me Taste His Feet and Piss

To steal my girlfriend away, all the meathead bully had to do was piss on me. He made me kiss, lick, and sniff his sweaty feet in front of her just for fun.
Best Friend Hooked Your Bully Up With Your Girlfriend

Manhandled, Humiliated, Pissed On, and Cuckolded by My Bully

My girlfriend invited my bully over for dinner. He made me cook for him wearing a pink apron, slapped me around, pissed on me, then threw me out of her condo.